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Minister's Blog

Dear Friends

I take no credit for the following but thought it worth sharing as a blog. I received this as a way forward for our church but it may be of use

Return to the Promised Land

Times are bleak

            we live in an age of uncertainty

                        we are under our 3rd Lockdown

                                    we live in daily fear of contracting the virus

                                                we have little or no contact with our family and friends

                                                            we have had to cancel live worship……yet again!

Like the Children of Israel, we have enjoyed the Promised Land

But now we’ve landed back in Egypt, held captive by Lockdown

It would be easy for us to feel, demoralised, confused, even apathetic.


But let’s not sell ourselves short!

Just remember how we have risen to the new challenges of Covid.

                        *           David Parker and I have worked hard to master

                                    the technical challenges of Online Worship.


                        *           Our Stewards and our Local Preachers have reinstated Live Worship                                              within the Covid restrictions.


                        *           Zoom has been adapted to encourage fellowship within the Church family.


                        *           Lenten Studies for 2021 have been planned.


                        *           Individual pastoral contact has been maintained


                        *           “Colin’s List” has kept the wider church family up to date with news.


                        *           The Soup Kitchen and the Lighthouse Fair Food Shop have continued to                                        meet the needs of the community.


                        *           Drumbeat and Rochdale Young Carers have handsomely benefited from                                        our generosity.


So what does the future hold?


Stuart Townend says, in his song, “10,000 Reasons”


The sun comes up, it's a new day dawning”
It's time to sing Your song again
Whatever may pass, and whatever lies before me
Let me be singing when the evening comes.”












Now is not the time to feel sorry for ourselves!

Now is not the time to creep back into our shells!

Now is not the time to retreat into a safe place and pull up the drawbridge!  


The period of enforced inactivity is presenting us with a great opportunity

We have the time to look forward to the post pandemic world

and to plan for the revival, the renaissance of our Church, for its new birth.


“The sun comes up, it's a new day dawning”

There are many questions we need to consider.

*           How can we build up live worship, at a sensible pace having regard to the Covid   situation?


*           Once Covid restrictions are lifted what part should be played

            by online worship and Zoom gatherings?


*           How can put our finances on a sound and sustainable footing?


*             How soon can we activate our plans for a family worker,

            funded by the Brenda Knowles’ bequest?


*           How does Helen’s Sabbatical fit in with our activities?


*           How can we re-establish and develop activities with our children and young people,             Junior             Church, Toddlers, Guides?

*           What needs to be done to strengthen our links with all members of our church family             through our minister and through our pastoral leaders?

*           How can we encourage and organise Bible Study and fellowship groups?

*           What can we do to strengthen the prayer life of the church?

*           How can help to ensure that the Lighthouse goes forward on a sustainable basis?

*           How can we develop the social activities of the Church Family?

Final Comment

These tasks will not be easy but the continued well-being, even perhaps the survival, of Thrum Hall depends upon it. Our planning will need to be soundly based but flexible because the pace will be governed by the unpredictable progress of the fight against the virus.

But we must ready and prepared to move forward

just as fast as can   within the Covid restraints.

It’s the least we can do!

It’s the very least God expects of us.