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Minister's Blog

Hello Everyone

 We are still in the Easter season and we are asked to explore the resurrection appearances.

I think that the way life is at the moment we do need to be assured of resurrection and hope and also the fact that Jesus us with us. There was a bit of a sense in our part of the world that we were unable to be joyful enough on Easter Sunday and it has struck me feeling a bit like the disciples did in he reading set for today.


The 7 present in this cameo were attempting to get on with life as they had known it .. Peter had jumped up and said probably something like


Well I have had enough of all this “I’m going fishing” something familiar

In essence they were perhaps about to back slide the wonder of the resurrection past with nothing seeming to be happening ..I wonder what Jesus was about ? Was he preparing them ?

Why were they waiting ? Several weeks had passed since the resurrection


Where were the others ?Had they drifted away ?

Were those present seeking reassurance ?

Were these the ones up for a challenge?

Were they seeking victory over discouragement ? at first they didn’t catch any fish just like a similar experience before ..

What had drawn them together on that day ?

What gathers us together ?


How can this experience be aligned with us and our waiting time ?

I know I am correct in saying many churches are in this position right now

Many people are discouraged right now

If this is you then this message is for you

But it is also about making the most of opportunity .

Peter in particular received a new challenge from this moment on.

Clearly expressed in the miracle but also to the others gathered on the sea shore of memories ad in that invitation to come and have breakfast


To break the fast


The new challenge for Peter was to come and have breakfast

Be assured of his mission and call and practical action to feed lambs ie people feed sheep ie feed everyone Jews and Gentiles and the extra take care tend them too

Jesus through his request to Peter was Jesus unlocking the door for more of his purposes through the lives and devotion of his disciples …the ones who had responded to the initial call. Peter challenged to the highest devotion and an initial setting of an example to us about our role

I wonder How do you really feel about this ?


There is something really charming about this invitation to breakfast   breakfast on the sea shore ..

Remember the sea acts as a metaphor of chaos   out of that chaos comes that miraculous catch all by being a bit persistent and by trying something different    going to the other side..


Ca you smell the fish cooking ? the charcoal ? the simplicity of the freshest fish tasty and nourishing and it was Jesus who was giving them just what they needed. A normal everyday thing was happening and it changed everything


An ordinary miracle took place that morning alongside the extraordinary supernatural thing

I think this encourages us to attempt in the chaos to do the normal everyday things as they are what hold the potential of a miracle.

Is this something you seek ?

Is this something you can recall ?


Now Jesus asked them the question expecting a negative answer I can hazard a guess if we were asked have you caught any fish the answer might not be in the affirmative


There is another purpose here in the wording the word you is implying something


Could this be but together we can ?


Jesus reminding his disiples very simply you have forgotten me   you are trying to do things alone .


So this leads me to ask   How long have we been trying to do things alone without letting Jesus in ?

Again and again as humans often after frustration and pain we are reminded on whom we should depend  


Our faith is in you alone we sing …but we don’t replicate

Let’s be reminded today what is impossible for us is possible with God 

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us

If we draw on the fullness of Jesus we will find our nets full in fact heaving from the weight.


Even when we cannot see Jesus or recognise him took the disciples a while on the shore he is at work

There can be restoration of relationships through sharing a meal

And I also think this is very significant . The nets didn’t break with the enormity of what they caught or had taken on.


So the challenge is to grasp the opportunities we are given

It is time to press the button and go step out with the mission and dream our dreams.

Let’s not come back next year having moved no further


Trust ,rely,have confidence and faith as we continue to journey on

And let’s break bread together inviting others to the feast.